Carteographs & recent work

Much of my work is inspired by my fascination with maps of all kinds, and what they tell us about societies’ intrinsic desire to not only create but also document their built environments. Maps of ancient ruins are often the only thing left of ancient or prehistoric cultures – and it excites the imagination to fill in the gaps. Humans build communities, and the community’s social boundaries and cultural customs are expressed in the patterns of those maps. Often, our worlds shape us as much as we shape them. I strive to convey the embodied spirit of those former or imagined worlds in material form.

A Punch to the Gut


The US elections left many of us feeling shattered, as if we'd been attacked, and wanting to hit back in response. The creation of these images reflected the mental and emotional violence of that process ... the surfaces have been stabbed, slashed and scarred to reveal the built-up accretions underneath.

Ghost Totems

2016 - 2019

The belief that we can speak to those who have gone before is as universal as it is necessary. Inspired by traditional Congo shamans' masks, these totems serve as the conduit to communicate with our ancestors, our lost families, even our future or past selves.

Qosqo Dyads


A chance exposure to the art of ancient Inca stoneworking left me blissfully haunted, as if the stones were speaking to me from eons past. Those shapes have been inserting themselves in these studies, and the arrangements of pairs let them continue to talk to each other.

Black & White


The simplicity of the palette in these paintings allows for engagement with the dimensional aspects. The wax has been both built up as well as scratched and carved into, providing a more primal emotional expression.

Inside Outside Inbetwixt

2015 - 2016

Explorations of surface, depth and division

Orb Ore Ova


A series of circular forms with a curiously permuting scale - they can be thought of as small as a cell or as large as a celestial body. 

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