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My life as an artist is divided into two very different and yet highly related sides, as a sculptor/painter, and as a commercial interior designer. The fields are mutually beneficial and enriching... my Interiors work has a very sculptural aspect, and my art is enhanced by years of thought about color, material and texture. In recent years I have become particularly enamored with encaustic (hot wax) for the inherent sculptural and expressive qualities of the material, in particular the skin-like tactility of the surface, whether smooth, pitted, scarred or molded, and the soft glowing translucency of the built-up layers.




Lyrical  |  Gallery Twist

1963 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington MA, May 17- June 9, 2024

Transparency  |  Wellfleet Preservation Hall

Wellfleet, MA, May 21 - June 27, 2024, Artist Reception June 1, 5-7 pm

A Collective Journey  |  Munroe Center for the Arts

1403 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington MA, May 20 - June 14, 2024


Illumination  |  Gallery Twist

1963 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington MA, Opening December 2, 2022

CHROMA  |  Hammond Hall Art Gallery

160 Pearl Street, Fitchburg MA, through March 3, 2023

Flights of Fancy  |  Gallery Twist

1963 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington MA, Sept 23 - Oct 16, 2022

Relationships  |  Elizabeth de C. Wilson Museum

930 Southern Vermont Arts Center Dr, Manchester, VT, June 18 - August 14, 2022

Transatlantic Fusion  |  The Commons Gallery

46 Bradford St, Provincetown, MA, June 1-11, 2022

Grounded: Landscape Explorations in Wax  |  Bedford Public Library

7 Mudge Way, Bedford, MA, May 15 - July 15, 2022

Walls  |  The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine

46 University Drive, Augusta, ME, June - October 2021   

Layering  |  Cotuit Center for the Arts

4404 Falmouth Road, Cotuit, MA, June 26 - August 7, 2021

Fluid States  |  New Bedford Museum of Art 

New Bedford, MA, January 21 - March 14 2021

Home/Away |  New England Wax at Bell Gallery and Extension

The Ethel Walker School 230 Bushy Hill Road Simsbury, CT, April - June 2021

Breaking The Line |  New England Wax Virtual Exhibition, October 2020

Social Distancing International Virtual Exhibition  |  Michael Rose Fine Art

Providence, RI, May - June 2020


Anything But Flat  |  Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill

10 Meetinghouse Road, Truro, MA, May 30 - June 6, 2019

Thrive  |  Gallery Twist

1963 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington MA, June 14 - July 7, 2019

The Archetypal Figure  |  Monroe Center for the Arts

1403 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington MA, Nov 5, 2018 - Jan 5, 2019

About Time  |  Gallery Twist

1963 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington MA, Sept 28 - Oct 21, 2018

Summer Invitational  |  Bromfield Gallery

450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA, August 1 - 19, 2018

Solo Show  |  Gersh Gallery

20 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA, April - June 2018

Trans  |  Castle Hill Gallery

10 Meetinghouse Rd, Truro, MA, May 22 - June 7, 2018.

The Blues  |  Adam Peck Gallery

142 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA, June 1 - June 6, 2018

Small Works Salon 2018: Personal Geographies  |  Chandler Gallery

20 Sacramento St, Cambridge, MA, March 26 to April 20, 2018.

Illumination  |  Gallery Blink

1963 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington MA, Dec 1, 2017-Jan 1, 2018

Rise In The City  |  Angel Orensanz Foundation

172 Norfolk St, New York, NY, Oct. 25, 2017


Fragments, A Curated Art Exhibition  |  Workflow Interiors

132 Canal St., Boston MA, Aug 17-Nov 27, 2017

Pop Up Show  |  The Jacobs Gallery

One Broadway, Cambridge MA, Feb 16-Apr 14, 2017

Sarah Springer is an artist and designer based in Massachusetts. She combines her love of texture and 3-dimensional form in her encaustic paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works, as well as in her award-winning interior architectural designs. Her artwork explores themes such as societal constraints, mapping environmental constructs, ancient cultures, and the intricacies of nature. Sarah’s work has been exhibited in group, solo, and museum exhibitions, and is among private and corporate collections throughout the United States. She has a BFA from Cornell University, with additional studies in Florence, Italy.


Author of: The Diptych Project: Transatlantic Fusion 2021

Available at Blurb: 


Member, New England Wax

A professional organization that connects artists in the six New England states who work in the medium of encaustic.


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