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Sarah Springer is an artist and designer based in Massachusetts and Maine. She combines her love of texture and 3-dimensional form in her encaustic paintings, her mixed media works, and her award-winning interior architectural designs.

In the metamorphic alchemy of clay, encaustic wax, and found materials, my work explores a diverse array of human mythologies, societies, and states of being. Through sculptures and paintings, both figurative and abstract, I am drawn to themes of loss and love, vulnerability and forbearance, fortitude and potency. At the core is a desire to invite the viewer to transcend the surface and engage with the implied narratives. Through the silent language of texture and form, the artworks become gateways for the observer to imagine and construct your own stories—bridging the tangible and the enigmatic, and inviting contemplation on the enduring echoes of ancient or imagined worlds.


Identifying Characteristics, at the Wilson Museum, SVAC

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